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Welcome to the BK blog!

You’ll find useful information, promotional posters and other materials, links, articles, essays and photographs.

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The links will take you to the main ‘bk’ site and to the Tree Christian Fellowship, our new church in Santa Rosa.

Live in His presence!

Bob Kilpatrick

6 thoughts on “BK Home

  1. Hey Bob,

    Remember you coming to a church I attended in the 90’s in Woodbridge, Ontario.(Crossroads). Awesome to hear how God is using you and continuing to bless you and your family. It is good to know that you have not only started well but are finishing well for Jesus. God bless and I pray that the Lord would continue to give you more breakthrough opportunities to reach others for Christ.



  2. Hi, Bob how have you been , Its been a while , last time was with pastor Paul vannoys family , fellowship in livermore california . livermore calvary chapel . I had a really inspiring time with your worship music . IS it still available in a favorate hits package ….. i sure would love to get all your songs on a cd, is this still possible …? I had them on cassette , but there pretty worn out . I had a great time fellowshipping with you and pastor Pauls family after sunday service at blessing chinese resturant .. you sure enjoyed the manchurian beef ….. I love your new song Gods good , sorry to here about your nephew with cancer …my hope is he knew Jesus…. you know of course Paul and his family are pastoring a church up in corde’lene idaho , you might have already been there too , hehehe ….Pastor PAul is a dear friend to me and brother , keep him in your prayers brother , He’s been having some health issues , he might have mentioned to you already … but the fathers love is so good , and we are so blessed . ps I will keep your ministry in my prayers as well . your brother in the lord claude vansant.

  3. This is extremely exciting, You are an excessively professional blog writer. I have joined your rss and also be up for on the lookout for more of your terrific article. Also, I have shared your web blog within my social networks!

  4. Bob Kilpatrick. I am a voice from your past. You married me 30 years ago…well, at least you married my first husband and I in 1981 in Roseburg, OR. I am heading to Redding this weekend and thought you might still be in the area. It looks like you’ve relocated south.

    I am thrilled to find you here and expect to be ordering your book and latest music. You and Cindy had a tremendous impact on me during my formative years when we met at the World MAP camps in Newberg, OR.

    I am still in Portland, OR for the time being. If you get up to this area, I’d love to reconnect.

    Blessings & Favor!

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